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LJ Smith

What in the world? Apparently, LJ Smith, the writer of the Vampire Diaries series for the past 20 years, has been fired as she would not finish the books the way the publishers wanted. According to the author, they wanted her to finish Stefen/Elena and she was heading for Damon/Elena.

I am not saying she was a Pullitzer Prize winner or anything but her books were twenty times what Stephanie Meyers were. (Please...why couldn't someone have fired her halfway through the series??) But, all things considered, no one should be fired from their own creations. Although, tv does it all the time. But I think we all assumed that couldn't happen in the book world. But it seems she was a writer for hire 20 years ago and they can do this.

So what's the point of artistic creation if you can just get fired if your publishers don't like your story? Isn't that what the public is for? And, the honest truth is that the public is mostly for Damon/Elena anyway. So what are the publishers hoping to accomplish with this? Just saying - this is really nuts. I will not read the new books, that is for sure. Simply out of principle.


And another year has passed....

I don't post a ton here at LiveJournal but I sure appreciate all of your witty comments and writings, your thoughtful meta essays and your funny asides. I try to be supportive of all this creativity that I witness and enjoy but I just feel I ought to send out a thanks at the end of this year.

Things I especially enjoyed in 2010:

The links to the hilarious Twilight blog where a reader(Dan) mercilessly and justifibly skews the books.

The endlessly truthful and horrified reviews of the Buffy comics thus saving me from having to experience reading them for myself.

The wonderful travel pictures and stories from clevermonikerr and empresspatti.

The links from suherald and petzipellpingo.

The rereading at Project Paranormal and the rewatching with Fantas Magoria.

And elisi just cause everything she links is neat and for the fact that her obsession for Dr. Who is making me watch in wonder.

And those amazing lists from moscowwatcher.

a2zmom for her spot on drabbles and generally for her wicked wit.

Leni for her Courting Sin verse.

Everybody who stepped up to keep the B/A I Will Remember You month of fanfiction alive in November for Chrislee. And we do remember you, Chrislee!

Buffyverse Top 5 just cause it's the greatest fun.

And everybody whose efforts are keeping fandoms alive!

Bring on 2011.

So...what are you thankful for this year on LiveJournal?


the Council

In view of some of the great meta about the Potenials and the Council right now - am I the only one who sometimes wishes that Joss and Co. had not done Dollhouse but rather a series on the Council. Giles would have headed it up, of course, Faith and some of the S7 Potentials would have been on board. Think of the guest spots that could have happened? I mean, potentially (sorry...bad pun) everyone who had ever appeared on Buffy or Angel could have shown up at some point. I guess sort of like the comics! Just seems like such a wasted opportunity of a great idea for a series. Better idea than half the series that are out there on tv.



So I am noticing that there is a lot of confusion on the internet about the Lost ending. I am not going to say anything that would be a spoiler but some are riffing that it all turned into something Christian at the end. I don't think it did. It was simply a riff on the idea in Les Miserables - "to love another person is to see the face of God." Each of the people there had come to the realization that others were more important than themselves. The true meaning of love. And the word "church" literally means a place where God dwells. So it all makes sense. Some have brought up the idea that Jack represents Christ as a redeemer of mankind. It's true that we know that without saving the island the world would be destroyed. So I suppose that idea could be argued in a philosophical way. And it will be. Which was the point. We will all be able to talk about this for a long time yet! It's making people think - Thank you Lost for doing that to the television public.
So....this comic thing sure is bringing back the past, isn't it? Shipper wars and hurt feelings over beloved characters getting screwed over...just like the good old days!
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Freak Anyone Else Out?

To see Jordan from My So-Called Life on the No.1 Video for the week on MTV? How did this happen?

Geekgirl Gets Rewarded

So - heres a great story. I had to take my laptop in to get fixed and was pretty worried about not having it around. I was told it would take at least a few days. Then I was asked the password - which happens to be Buffy. Suddenly surrounded by computer geeks who were thrilled to hear about my buffy love, exclaiming over Angel. And do you like Dr. Horrible - they asked? Upon hearing the affirmative, my computer was moved to the top of the list and was fixed just hours later. When I went to pickup - I heard it said in the back room - "hey, geek girl is here for her computer"!! Who knew that there were so many fellow Joss fans in the backrooms?

Joss shoutouts on Castle tonight...

OMG - is anyone watching Nathan on Castle.  It's only a few minutes in and he's dressed in his Firefly outfit, his daughter has commented on how he used to dress like that a few years ago and he said his outfit is "space cowboy".  Then a Buffy mention in the next's hysterical!!


Pats Meself on the Back....

You know how I have been going on about Glee and how it should have been Joss' show?  He is going to direct an episode!!  Whee!!